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Totally Far-Out Is Getting Makeover

For months now I have been teasing the return of Totally Far-out !

Well, The wait is almost over – Soon Totally Far-out will have a totally far-out makeover, featuring new sections such as ‘Versus’ and returning favorites like “Movies You Got To See Now”

Stay Tuned ! Little Longer !

Oh You Little Tease !


I’ll Be Back…

I’ll Be Back… No, Really! – Soon ~ Stay Tuned

Did You Miss Me?

Coming Back Soon … To Redefine Pop Culture All Over Again !

Fifteen Best Moments From E3 2016: Day 2

E3 Day 2 is upon us and gamers around the world are ready for the big showdown between two of the biggest console giants in the gaming industry.

Else where Ubisoft promises not to announce another Assassin Creed game or at least try not to – Yeah Right! Here goes these are the Fifteen best moments from E3 2016 Day 2 Continue reading “Fifteen Best Moments From E3 2016: Day 2”

Six Best Moments From E3 2016: Day 1

Its that time of the year again when gaming industry takes the center stage and the world sits up and takes notice. Electronic Entertainment Expo is the Super Bowl of the gaming industry and for years now has enthralled, excited and entertained gamers around the world. 2016 is no different! If you thought this would be like any other lazy Sunday  – Guess what its about to turn into a gamers play day. Continue reading “Six Best Moments From E3 2016: Day 1”

The Battle For Net Neutrality: India

Net Neutrality. Mere mention of the term can conjure images of brave men and women revolting against their oppressors, those of intense battles, cries of the triumphant standing over the fallen and of Indian flags rising above a dark battlefield. Wait what? We need to tone it down a bit, don’t we?

These two little worlds can rile up the netizens to take up arms and send over 1000000 responses to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) for a cause that not many still fully comprehend. Why does Net Neutrality invoke such intense reactions?

Continue reading “The Battle For Net Neutrality: India”

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