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Totally Far-Out Is Getting Makeover

For months now I have been teasing the return of Totally Far-out !

Well, The wait is almost over – Soon Totally Far-out will have a totally far-out makeover, featuring new sections such as ‘Versus’ and returning favorites like “Movies You Got To See Now”

Stay Tuned ! Little Longer !

Oh You Little Tease !


I’ll Be Back…

I’ll Be Back… No, Really! – Soon ~ Stay Tuned

Did You Miss Me?

Coming Back Soon … To Redefine Pop Culture All Over Again !

Fifteen Best Moments From E3 2016: Day 2

E3 Day 2 is upon us and gamers around the world are ready for the big showdown between two of the biggest console giants in the gaming industry.

Else where Ubisoft promises not to announce another Assassin Creed game or at least try not to – Yeah Right! Here goes these are the Fifteen best moments from E3 2016 Day 2 Continue reading “Fifteen Best Moments From E3 2016: Day 2”

Six Best Moments From E3 2016: Day 1

Its that time of the year again when gaming industry takes the center stage and the world sits up and takes notice. Electronic Entertainment Expo is the Super Bowl of the gaming industry and for years now has enthralled, excited and entertained gamers around the world. 2016 is no different! If you thought this would be like any other lazy Sunday  – Guess what its about to turn into a gamers play day. Continue reading “Six Best Moments From E3 2016: Day 1”

Artist Spotlight

It’s time to introduce a new section out here at Totally Far-out ! Every now and then we will put a spotlight on an upcoming artist which we believe has the potential to conquer the world and be the next big pop culture icon.

Musicians, Performers, Designers, Writers, Comedians we will spare no one ! If we think you are the next Madonna or the next Sidney Poitier, we will feature you in our quarterly ‘Artist Spotlight’ Continue reading “Artist Spotlight”

All Games Beta Terminated !

If you are a gamer your day doesn’t start without visiting The only website where we are not enforced to polarising views and opinions of a critic or a gaming journalist. is a simple website with simple objective – pure information, trailers, press releases, magazine scans and collection of reviews and news from different sites. It’s more like an announcement board for gamers all over the world. What’s more intriguing is the person/s behind the website. Very little is known about him/her/them. We just know a pseudonym – ‘Endless’

Unfortunately the website went on sale few weeks back and now has been terminated. Is this the final limit of ‘Endless’? Who will fill the void in the lives of the gamers around the world? Let’s find out Continue reading “All Games Beta Terminated !”

2015’s Most Underrated: Game

Time has finally arrived to close the chapter on 2015’s Most Underrated. Today we are going to take a look at one of the most underrated games of 2015. Let’s nuke some colonist or at least try sneaking past them.

Continue reading “2015’s Most Underrated: Game”

Here’s Looking At You, 2015.

A new day, a new year and a brand new site.

We don’t seek the the ultra cool, we don’t critic the pop culture, we don’t desire the indie. We redefine everything ! We are totally far-out.

Before we break the internet and create new memories. Before we start thought provoking conversations for 2016 its time for us to pay our respects to 2015.

Continue reading “Here’s Looking At You, 2015.”

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