Artist Spotlight: Kygo

Get ready, it’s time for us to add another new upcoming artist in our ‘Artist Spotlight’ section.

This time around we had to go all the way to Norway to find our artist who has the potential to be the next pop culture phenomenon. This Norwegian is multi-talented. He is a DJ, songwriter, record producer and musician extraordinaire. Meet Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll or better known as Kygo

In the world of electronic dance music, DJs and producers are dime a dozen. They are like a virus infection that multiply everyday. These baby-faced wanna be producers and DJs join the scene and spread their music (Good Or Bad) on YouTube, Sound Cloud and Spotify channels. The problem is most lack talent and others tend to follow the leaders. Unfortunately, what we as audience get is repetitive and predictable music.

So how does a DJ from Norway stand apart from the crowd? Well, By Ignoring it !

Kygo’s foray in music began at the age of 6 – when he started taking piano lessons but it was Avicii who made a difference in his life. As a teenager Kygo was blown away by Avicii’s simple yet catchy tunes. So blown away that he bought Logic Studio and a MIDI keyboard and started producing electronic music while watching several tutorials on YouTube. Piano lessons took a backseat but hey we ain’t complaining.

Kygo comes from a large family and was born in Singapore and has traveled to Brazil, Egypt, Japan and Kenya with his family. Exposure and influence of different culture and sounds somehow helped him create his own unique style. Many believe Kygo is single-handedly responsible for the re-popularization of the tropical house beat. Kygo’s uses simple yet effective tropical sounds for his remixes. It features steel drums, pan flute and other tropical instruments.

Humble Beginnings

Kygo’s success is down to a very simple mantra ~ he sees himself as a ‘Musician First, DJ Second’. Instead of mixing and editing beats he thinks of creating new simple beats and tunes that further enhances a song. Kygo’s remixes and singles released on YouTube and Spotify has more than a Billion views (Conservatively). Kygo busted on to the scene in early 2013 with several remixes but his “I See Fire’ Ed Sheeran remix captured the imaginations of netizens everywhere. The remix has about 6o million views on you tube alone. Some of his other earliest remixes have garnered more than 150 million views including Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing, Ellie Goulding’s High For This and Ed Sheeran & Passenger’s No Diggity vs. Thrift Shop remix

The Growth

The Remixes were just the start. On 1 December 2014, Kygo released his first single ‘Firestone’, featuring vocals from Conrad. ‘Firestone’ exploded on the social media and helped Kygo gain international recognition and debuted on several charts worldwide. Till Date it has more than 300 million view on YouTube alone. Chris Martin of Coldplay was so impressed by Kygo that he contacted and asked him to remix one of his songs called ‘Midnight’. Kygo’s popularity was at an all time high and as a result he finally got to play and support his idol Avicii at Findings Festival in Oslo, Norway, in 2014.

Before you go on and classify Kygo as a one hit wonder. Kygo’s ‘Stole The Show’ featuring Parson James, ‘Here for You’ featuring Ella Henderson, ‘Raging’ featuring Kodaline and ‘Stay’ featuring Maty Noyes have more 250 Million views on YouTube Alone. 

Icon In The Making

Kygo’s domination continued in 2015, his song ‘ID’ was featured in the official trailer for Ultra Music Festival the same track was also featured on EA’s FIFA 16. In August 2015, Kygo was a featured headliner at Lollapalooza in Chicago, one of the biggest music festivals in the world. He was also the first EDM DJ to perform at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. Spotify’s Top Breakout Artist of 2015 has been destroying records and making a difference at an extremely young age, inspiring Millennials to follow their dreams.

The Future

The 24 year old has the world at his feet. A new studio album called “Cloud Nine”, A new lifestyle brand called “Kygo Life” (Which features a clothing line and tech hardware such as earphones) plus don’t forget closing ceremony performance at the 2016 Summer Olympics. He is also schedule to collaborate with U2 – The Biggest Band on Planet Earth.

Kygo is here to stay and the best is yet to come. One can only imagine the heights this Norwegian can achieve.






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