Four Jump Scare Movies You Got To See Now

For ages psychologist, philosophers and other scholars have tried to decode why so many of us are fascinated by horror movies. Some believe fear excites, titillates and its easy to get addicted to those feeling. Similarly, many believe horror movies are sort of escapism – its something above and beyond the normal – it induces curiosity and fascination. Whatever may be the reason – Do we really care why we love horror movies?

As a Captain of all things Totally Far-out ;-), I solemnly swear that this list of 4 horror movies you need to see now won’t include your typical, predictable and pseudo-horror films. These movies are designed to tense you up and make you shit bricks with fear. Jump Scares guaranteed. 

Some horror movies are full of gore, some full of spooks. Some tend to be creepy and others downright weird and trippy but in the end most horror movies tend to follow a simple formula – Surprise beginning, slow buildup, high climax, scariest scenes towards the end. This gives the audience a bit of breathing space and helps them to relax at certain points. Luckily for us some great writers and directors think outside the box and chuck out those old clichéd formulas and make films that will make you jump with fear from the start till the end. This list is of such horror movies.

Lets ease you in slowly

Number 4: The Fourth Kind (2009)

The film has everything suspense, drama, intense atmosphere and alien abductions. Throw in some copious amount of startling scares and it could easily give you a few sleepless nights. What really works is the marketing behind the movie. Mila Jovovich appears to us in the first scene of the movie and tell us that this movie is based on true archival video evidence – which are supposedly added in the film. Suddenly everything is real. Set in Alaska in a town that has seen an extraordinary number of unexplained disappearances since the 1960’s.

This is one of those movies that makes you hit the net after you have seen it. Is it real? what happen to Dr. Abigail Emily? There are a few theories flying out there about the authenticity of the film and for more details and discussion click here (Make sure you watch the movie before you read the blog post mentioned)

Jump Scare Rating 3.5/5

Now, that your sufficiently alert – lets turn up the scare volume.

Number 3: Last Shift (2014)

Typically being trapped or bound to a haunted place can be daunting at best but what if you were a rookie cop patrolling an old beat down police precinct which is about to be retired. What if such a precinct was haunted? What if you were assigned the grave yard shift? What if you were alone? Who will you call when things go bump in the night – The Cops?

The writing is brilliant – Viewers along with the main character are thrown in a high stress situation. Being alone in any place can be unnerving – haunted or not but to make maters worse, both the viewers and the main character have to choose to put a self imposed anchor to the said place – in this case the police precinct. There are various psychological implications – You question your sanity. Your confidence suffers a major setback and you are in constant fear of not only the unholy but also at being laughed of the police force as a rookie cop who couldn’t cut it.

From the get go you feel the pressure and things keep escalating relentlessly  – as a viewer you are constantly bombarded with increasing amount of horror and scares before you finally break.

Jump Scare Rating 4/5

For our next set of jump scares we move to Thailand

Number 2: Coming Soon {Program Na Winyan Akat} (2008)

Some horror movies tend to stay with you long after the end credits roll – Well, that quiet literally is the concept behind Coming Soon. Imagine seeing a scary movie at the cinemas and now that very movie or specifically the troublesome main character starts to follow you and haunt you. Enough Said ! fasten your seat belts – this is gonna be one bumpy ride.

What really holds and grabs our attention is the highly original concept and absolutely brilliant writing – there are no cursed film reels or tapes – there is deep, tragic story behind it all. The suspense coupled with many jump scares makes this film an absolute must watch.

Jump Scare Rating 4.5/5

Time for the Big Mac Daddy of Horror !

Number 1: Grave Encounters

Ghost hunters, mental asylums – well, haven’t we heard that one before?  Well despite the clichéd concept, this movie is everything but clichéd. Grave Encounters is probably one of the most highly regarded movies in the horror community circles. Despite mixed reviews (Oh! Nothing new here) the movie enjoys immense popularity and cult like following.

The jump scares keep piling up and there is no end in sight. Watching this movie alone in a dark room can be an exercise in mental stability. Really ! When will Ghost hunters realize Ghost Hunting & Mental Asylums are a bad combo!

Jump Scare Rating 5/5


World of horror movies is large and wide. Soon there will be 4 more movies that will replace the above mentioned movies and until then this is Fragger B signing off !

Wish you a spooky night !


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