E3 Day 2 is upon us and gamers around the world are ready for the big showdown between two of the biggest console giants in the gaming industry.

Else where Ubisoft promises not to announce another Assassin Creed game or at least try not to – Yeah Right! Here goes these are the Fifteen best moments from E3 2016 Day 2

Day 2 kicked off early when Microsoft unleashed Xbox One S to the world. A new slim version of Xbox One for $ 299. Like Really? Are Microsoft executives smoking pot before they come with stupid ideas like Xbox One S? To make matters worse Microsoft ended the press conference with the new more powerful Xbox One Project Scorpio. Why would any gamer in their right mind buy a weaker version of Xbox One when a more powerful one is coming next year?

Like the console strategy, Microsoft press conference lacked precision and logic. The live streaming camera work was atrocious. In middle of the trailer the camera would pan out to reveal the stage and the audience. Like really? Gamers are interested in game and not camera skills and production quality of the event. Things didn’t get any better as Xbox said a lot but conveyed very little. Lack of exclusive titles were apparent compared to PlayStation. Titles like Gear Of War 4 looked outdated and repetitive from the previous versions. Gears 4 felt like Dead Space 3, Doom and Resident Evil Revelations had an unholy threesome and had a baby.  We got more zombie games with little or no innovations. Dead Rising 4 looked like Dead Rising 3 and State Of Decay 2 looked like State Of Decay 1. Lack of VR announcements for current Xbox One also indicated towards Project Scorpio being a bigger, better and probably next gen console within the life cycle of Xbox One. Poor Xbox One owners – It feels like they are being duped.

Despite the dismal performance there were some bright moments and these are the 3 best moments from the Microsoft Press Conference.

Number 3: Fulfill Your Pirate Fantasies In Sea Of Thieves. 

I don’t know whether its the pirate in me or the game-play demo with real players playing the game for the first time really got me interested in the game. Sea Of Thieves allows you to fulfill your pirate fantasies and explore the seven seas. Not a lot is known about the game. We still don’t know if the game is story driven or exploration driven – Will the pirates be allowed to search for booty and secret treasures or is it just about multiplayer death-match on the sea. Either ways it definitely looks cool.

Number 2: The Outback Is Your Playground In Forza Horizon 3 

Racing games tend to be either too over the top or too serious but Forza Horizon 3 strikes a prefect balance. Lavish cars with jaw dropping surroundings make Forza Horizon 3 stunning. The open world game is set in Australia and allows you to go off-road or ride on the best highways Australia has to offer. Beaches, deserts and stunning highways nothing is spared. The game looks fantastic – I mean Just fricking amazing.

Number 1: We Happy Few !

The game of the show was no doubt We Happy Few. The stylish, creepy and unusual first person survival adventure game caught my eye. Elements of Fallout and Bio-shock really hooked me in and I was all in. Compulsion games allows you to step in a dressed up utopia where everyone takes a drug called Joy. With Joy world seems beautiful and fantastic but once you go off your meds the real world reveals itself.

You play Arthur Hasting, who for some reason has decided to throw his bottle of Joy and embrace the real world. Suddenly you are a downer and town folks frown at downers.

Dismal is the word that comes to mind every-time I think of Microsoft E3 Press Conference. I also felt Project Scorpio video package was straight out of Sony’s last years PS4 reveal – Where Developers, gamers and the community at large had helped to build the new PS4. Microsoft presented themselves as the 800 pound blood sucking corporate beast and that’s uncool.

Things went from bad to worse when Ubisoft launched their Press Conference with Just Dance 2017. Despite Aisha Tyler’s valiant efforts Ubisoft lacked heart and genuinely interesting content. We got regular dose Tom Clancy’s titles and for me it all felt scripted and frankly all the Tom Clancy franchises are suffering from creative fatigue. Ubisoft had very little to offer and placing Assassin Creed movie details in the event felt desperate. For Honor was one of the high points but just wasn’t enough to bring life to an already dull show. Ubisoft closed with a new IP called Steep – Which at best felt confused. It wanted to be SSX but also wanted to be exploration at its heart. I really didn’t understand the objective behind Steep especially if there is no VR support. Ubisoft had probably the worst E3 so far and I really had to dig deep to find two moments of excitement from the press conference. Reluctantly, here are the two somewhat of interesting moments from the Ubisoft Press Conference.

Number 2:  Star Trek Bridge Crew Going Where No One Has Gone Before, VR

I have been a Trekkie for over 2 decades now and it shouldn’t come as any surprise that any decent looking Star Trek game would find its way in the best moments list. I really loved Star Trek Bridge Commander and this felt like a natural progression with VR capabilities.

Number 1: Watch Dogs 2 Does A GTA. 

Watch Dogs 1 received a lot of hype but ultimately failed to make an impact and as a result many had doubts over the sequel. The problem with first game was its main character development and a little too serious approach. Really, who likes a brooding protagonist. Luckily the sequel has grown a pair and acquired some humor. It strike a perfect balance between an interesting story and fun game-play. Meet Marcus Holloway a young hacker who joins anonymous-esque hacktivist group called Dedsec to fight for the little man and give the big flip to a cyber controlling corrupted politician. Open world, parkour moments, bad ass music playlist plus you get drones, toys and vehicles a la GTA style.

Day 2 has been full of disappointments and failures – it was up to Sony to save the day and rescue gamers from mediocrity and boy did they ever deliver.

Sony E3 Press Conference was like a visual journey with absolutely no bullshit. It was game after game with great content and many ah ha moments and surprise appearances. Sony said very little but conveyed a hell of a lot. If Microsoft was all about new hardware and little content. Sony was all about content and little hardware. The Sony Press Conference was the highlight of E3 and it was filled with moments after moments of greatness. Right from the start with a stunning orchestra performance till the end filled with hordes and hordes of the undead – Everything about Sony E3 Press Conference was Epic.

We don’t have three best moments, not even five but ten great moments worth mentioning. Let’s do this.

Number 10: Call Of Duty Goes To Space 

Call Of Duty franchise has been an E3 darling – Year after year we have see epic action sequences and this year it was no different. We gaming soldiers have fought everywhere from the past to the future – from the sea to the land – so the only place remaining to fight is up in space.

Number 9: Spider-man Webs Into PS4

The ultra-cool web-slinger is back and now has found a new home – The PS4. The all new Spider-man goes exclusive for PS4. The game had it all wild jumps, crazy swings, parkour running style with cool tricks. Not to forget some cool powers – Oh did I mention the controversial new outfit.

Number 8: Step Into The Virtual World Of Batman Arkham

The only piece of hardware information coming out of Sony press conference was about their virtual reality headset which comes out on October 13 for $399. What was good to hear was that it would support the current PlayStation 4 and have more then 50 titles scheduled to release over the next few months. One of them was Batman Arkham VR. Come on! Who hasn’t dreamed of being the Batman. Imagine exploring the Wayne Manor or the legendary Bat-cave.

Number 7: Farpoint VR

Continuing with VR section of the press conference – We were also introduced to a new IP called Farpoint. Developed by Impulse Gear exclusively for PS4 VR, the game is set in a hostile alien world where your ship has unfortunately crash landed. Your mission is to survive and unlock the secrets of this alien world.

Number 6: Days Gone – The Zombie Rush !

We saw a few zombie games coming out of the Microsoft press conference but all them lacked innovation and polished nuances.  So whats different about Blend Studio’s Days Gone. Well, for starters our main protagonist is a Biker. Yes Bikes and Zombies. Let me repeat that Bikes & Zombies – Okay there is nothing new here either – but what caught me eye was the game-play demo which captures the dread and fear of a horde attack. Plus it looks epic.

Number 5: Return Of Hideo Kojima & Death Stranding 

One of the many great highlights of Sony’s press conference was without a doubt the return of Hideo Kojima after long absence from any big events. Konami Suck It ! Kojima also introduced Kojima Production’s first game after the split with Konami. The teaser already has the netizens buzzing. The weird cryptic teaser had it all a naked Norman Reedus, Man Child, C-Section – Wooh! What The Hell Was That !

Very little is known about the game and from what I understand it’s an action game – but its different. Well I’m sure that didn’t help – Did It?

Number 4:  A Detroit Where Androids Are Becoming Human

Quantic dreams were at it again, delivering us yet another intense, very deep, well constructed concept and setting for their next game called Detroit Becoming Human.

A futuristic Detroit is full of Androids and apparently they have no rights and are nothing but tools used in various situation – Like in the trailer as a negotiator called in to subdue another Android which has gone rogue. Every decision you take can and will potentially have consequences but then your an Android – Does any of that matter?

Number 3: Explore The New World Of Horizon: Zero Dawn 

Horizon: Zero Dawn was no doubt one of the best games coming out of E3 last year, so it was lovely to see a well fleshed out game-play demo. The beauty of this new earth is breath taking and one could really take the time to soak it all in that is if you have the time from fighting against animal machines of this new earth.

Number 2: The God Of War Returns 

Kratos is back but not the one you remembered. The name calling, God slaying, brash and brutal angry god of war has been replaced by a much mellow, beard sporting grumpy old man. Oh! Did I mention he is now settled and has a ‘BOY’ – Kratos seems to be teaching the tricks of the trade to his offspring presumably to pass the mantle. The demo showcased an all new game-play style with proper third person action. It looks more real and dynamic. The relationship between a brutal warrior and an innocent curious young child offers interesting dynamics and could bring all new emotions. This is the new God Of War.

Number 1: Resident Evil 7 Bio-Hazard Goes All Creepy & Scary

Zombie games are dime a dozen but survival horror genre is making a big comeback. So what do you get when you take arguably the grand dad of all zombie games and turn it upside down and make it scary as hell – Well you get Resident Evil 7.  RE7 is like a nod to the old school Resident Evil Games. Resident Evil 4, 5 & 6 started to move towards more action oriented themes but RE7 makes a complete U turn and takes you to an old rundown mansion. Oh wait it gets better – What if you could play the entire game in Virtual Reality First Person Mode. Epic is the word that comes to mind. If you loved P.T and I know you did then this is the game you been waiting for. Further more Capcom has released a playable teaser to give fans a taste of the game. Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour is currently available to PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4 and will be making its way to other platforms at an unspecified date.

Cant wait to get my hands on this one.

No doubt Sony came out triumphant. Another year another win for Sony at the E3. Year after year Sony some how manages to deliver. Why you ask? Well if you are Microsoft here is the big secret about us gamers – We Love Games and all other things is just Bullshit and Sony has decoded this simple mantra – E3 is about games and lets keep it simple show us games and lots of it.

E3 Recap

Best Show Of Day 1: Bethesda 

Best Game Of Day 1: Prey

Best Show Of Day 2: Sony

Best Game Of Day 2: Resident Evil 7 

E3 Show Winner: Sony

E3 Game Winner: Resident Evil 7