Its that time of the year again when gaming industry takes the center stage and the world sits up and takes notice. Electronic Entertainment Expo is the Super Bowl of the gaming industry and for years now has enthralled, excited and entertained gamers around the world. 2016 is no different! If you thought this would be like any other lazy Sunday  – Guess what its about to turn into a gamers play day.

Day 1 saw two of the biggest publishers in the gaming industry take center stage.

First up were EA, this year EA kept their press conference short, precise and clear and didn’t spend needless hours on game technologies and how these technologies will change gamer’s life. Instead what we got was games and more games.

These are the three best moments from their press conference.

Number 3: FIFA 17 – The Journey

Every year EA adds something mouthwatering to the FIFA franchise. Last year it was female players and this year its a story mode with cut scenes and all called ‘The Journey’. Featuring Frostbite engine – You take on the role of ‘Alex Hunter’ a new exciting prospect who has a dream to make it big in the footballing world. Essentially its your journey from a reserve youth team to the national team. The trials and tribulations, the glitter and limelight and everything in between that goes in making a super footballing talent.

Number 2: TitanFall 2 Goes Single Player. 

In 2014, TitanFall got a lot of attention as it was the debut title from developers formerly behind the successful ‘Call Of Duty’ franchise. The multiplayer first person shooter captured the imaginations of gamers around the world and it was a runaway hit. Despite an online solo player campaign was available in the TitanFall 1 – the fans wanted a offline single player mode with a deep and rich story of derelict and war-torn colonies. Gamers were heard and Respawn Entertainment now will introduce an offline single player campaign in TitanFall 2.

Number 1: The Might & Power Of Mass Effect – Andromeda 

We got a brief glimpse of Mass Effect: Andromeda in the last year’s E3 but until now very little is know about the game. That changed when EA were gracious enough to divulge a bit more about the game. EA promises a whole new galaxy with unprecedented freedom and exploration. Gamers will be flung into new galaxy to search for a new home. There will be new planets, new aliens and new characters all powered by Frostbite engine.

EA Press Conference was unusual as they were live-streaming from two separate locations. The divided crowd didn’t help. Excitement was limited and at times moot. The leaks didn’t help their cause either. To make matter worse EA didn’t have any ah-ha or surprise announcements that could win the day for them. Despite presence of Battlefield 1 and other games like Madden NFL 17, Fe and a collage of Star Wars games. EA failed to raise the excitement level. For me it was at best an average press conference.

Up next were Bethesda – For many Bethesda were the winners of E3 2015 and there was a massive expectation for them to outdo themselves. Could They? Lets find-out which were the three best moments from their press conference.

Number 3: Quake Returns!

Its been 20 years since Bethesda introduced Quake to the world. Many iterations and sequels later, quake franchise is still one of the most believed franchise in the gaming world. So its time to introduce Quake Champions. If ‘Doom’ was Bethesda blast from the past at last year’s E3. This year its Quake.

Number 2: Dishonored 2 Goes All Game-play 

We got a little sneak at Dishonored 2 last year but this year it was all about the story, game environments, game-play and special powers which are lovely protagonist Emily Kaldwin will poses. Check them out.

Number 1: All New Prey !

In 2006, 2K games gave us a little gem called ‘Prey’. Which interestingly had been in development limbo for over a decade. Soon a sequel was announced and it too ended up in the development limbo. In 2009 Bethesda acquired the rights for the game but seemingly the game was cursed and went through several iteration before being canceled by Bethesda. E3 2016, Interestingly enough a decade later Prey is back and in all new avatar. The newly redesign and redeveloped game allows you to play as Morgan Yu in the year 2032. Yu is stationed on  space station Talos One as a subject in a secret experiment with great importance to earth and as always something goes wrong.

The game looks gorgeous and was no doubt the biggest surprise coming out of E3 2016 Day 1. Game of E3 So far.

Bethesda didn’t disappoint. It was definitely the best press conference of the day overshadowing EA by miles. It had healthy mix of good announcements and a very big ah-ha secret game reveal.

It will be interesting to see what day 2 has in-stored for us and whether will any other press conference outshine Bethesda’s great day in the in the sun.