If you are a gamer your day doesn’t start without visiting AllGamesBeta.com. The only website where we are not enforced to polarising views and opinions of a critic or a gaming journalist. AllGamesBeta.com is a simple website with simple objective – pure information, trailers, press releases, magazine scans and collection of reviews and news from different sites. It’s more like an announcement board for gamers all over the world. What’s more intriguing is the person/s behind the website. Very little is known about him/her/them. We just know a pseudonym – ‘Endless’

Unfortunately the website went on sale few weeks back and now has been terminated. Is this the final limit of ‘Endless’? Who will fill the void in the lives of the gamers around the world? Let’s find out

It all began 7 years ago when AllGamesAlpha.net poped up with pure content for gamers. The sudden appearance was swiftly followed by a vanishing act. In 2010 we got AllGamesBeta.info which lasted for two years before porting over to AllGamesBeta.com. The site slowly got major credence and achieved cult like status. The website was one stop shop for everything gaming. Gamers loved it and competitors used it as a source for their commercialized website.

AllGamesBeta.com never advertisied – not a single banner ever appeared on the website. The website somehow managed to be the first to break gaming news followed by the IGNs of the world. New game announcements, launch trailers, press releases all somehow popped up first on AllGamesBeta.com and then were picked up by the remaining gaming media. It was clear that the person/s running the website was/were well established in the gaming industry to achieve that.

Everything was going smoothly with millions and millions of pageviews and then suddenly few weeks back the site went on sale. The loyal fanbase were shocked and took to twitter to ask ‘Endless’ the reason for the same. A lot of confusion followed and before you could even blink the website was terminated and soon was the twitter account.

In all the confusion one thing was clear the owner and the webmaster of AllGamesBeta.com were two separate entities. They probably had some sort of business arrangement were the owner doesn’t interfere with the webmaster’s job. The most notable thing about the AllGamesBeta.com was the lack of advertisement and it seemingly had no business model. The website for all intents and purposes was like public service for gamers. The only way the website could ever make any money was if it was sold at an extremely high domain name cost. The owner certainly wanted to cash on the name and popularity and ‘Endless’ was provided a murky reason like cultural and religion.

The Termination of AllGamesBeta.com will definitely leave a void which gamers will find hard to fill up. It is very hard to find any website which is so simple and yet very honest in its intentions. Other sites are loaded with unneeded editorials and advertorials, they have big banners and ads plastered all over them and mainly are biased. Hey! Money talks and these gaming media professionals, critics and journalist repeat what money says.

Don’t fret gamers, that void will vanish soon – ‘Endless’ is back with a new website called AllGamesDelta.net – same old style, same old honesty and amazing gaming content.