It’s been sometime since we revealed our most underrated movie of 2015 – Circle. You don’t get any brownie points for guessing how much I love this film – it’s pretty apparent.

Since the reveal, I have received many mails and feedback on what a good choice it was but it also started a controversial discussion between me and fans of the film. Is The Movie Flawed? Did Aaron Hann & Mario Miscione Got The Ending Wrong?  Well, let’s dive in and figure it out together. Oh, by the way, major spoilers ahead 

Controversy 1:

Wouldn’t it be easier for the aliens to just kill all humans rather than playing the roulette of death?

Theory 1: Aliens in question are eliminating weak humans and are going to recruit the survivors of each dome ship as they show the will to live at any cost. They can be recruited as labor or warlords to rule earth while the aliens go out and conquer more worlds.

Theory 2: The second school of thought is more ‘The Day Earth Stood Still-esque’ (1951). Aliens, in this scenario are thinking in favor of humanity. The aliens clearly see how we humans have lost our way, we fight, terrorism is on a rise, there is racialism at our very core. The way we are going we would end up destroying ourselves and our precious planet along with it. These aliens therefore have setup this experiment to warn us of our future. If you see there are only a few spaceship in the skies. Most likely a limited number of humans have been taken abroad and put through an eye opening experiment. Once survivors are out they share their experiences with the rest of the world – The experiment is like a cautionary tale.

Controversy 2: 

In the end, when Michael Nardelli’s character ‘Eric’ escapes the dome ship we see many other presumable survivors from the remaining dome ships including a few pregnant women. Isn’t that a major flaw?

Let me explain, after the silent man is eliminated, Eric hatches a heinous plan in which he encourages the little girl to join him for a suicide vote. effectively making the pregnant woman the only survivor. The little girl agrees and votes accordingly but right at the end sneaky Eric changes his vote to kill the pregnant woman and survives the roulette of death. ‘Shock Face’ – Wait what the machine restart again and Eric ties with the pregnant woman’s unborn child, whom he votes to kill.

Let’s assume if Eric had voted for the suicide vote and after the little girl and Eric were eliminated the only survivor would had been the pregnant woman. Wouldn’t the machine restart again and in process zap either the unborn baby or the mother – in either case she would be eliminated.

Then how do we see Pregnant Women survivors?

Theory 1: Few fans suggested that the machine tracks heart beat. So, if the baby and the mother had an unison heartbeat, they could theoretically survive the machine. (Far Fetched?)

Isn’t this a doozy? This particular controversy stumped me. How did the pregnant women survive? Were the aliens seeing everything and decided to spare all the pregnant women who survived till the end? Was the machine automated? This mystery needed a solution and best way to solve this mystery was by asking one of the film’s creator about it.

Mario Miscione’s View

“Machine works by sensing life per space, if preg woman is last person standing, she and baby live.”

There you go right from the horse’s mouth.

In the end what makes this movie great are the constant discussions it throws up. You know a movie is great when years after its release people still talk about it.

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