A new day, a new year and a brand new site.

We don’t seek the the ultra cool, we don’t critic the pop culture, we don’t desire the indie. We redefine everything ! We are totally far-out.

Before we break the internet and create new memories. Before we start thought provoking conversations for 2016 its time for us to pay our respects to 2015.

Here’s looking at you 2015.

2015 had much to offer from a dress whose colors confused the entire globe to the massive star wars mania. We saw a man becoming woman and a woman changing the music business.


We were invited inside Amy Schumer and Kim’s ass tried to break the internet. 2015 flung us back in time as mad max and the terminator returned and Jurassic park gates opened again.


Did I mention the Pope visited America and an Indian Miss World took over Quantico. David and Jon bade adieu. Oh! and Jon Snow died!


If you have been part of our planet you probably knew about all the pop culture moments in 2015, and in any case it’s that time of the year where all these pop culture phenomenons are going to be serenaded with accolades and awards.

We can keep going on but underneath all that hype and hoopla, 2015 did see some underrated gems which the world ignored. These gems are totally far-out and we intend to highlight them.

Beginning next week we look at one of most underrated movie, song, comic and a game in our section called 2015’s Most Underrated.

When we say 2015’s Most underrated we mean it ! You wont believe what we have in mind.

Stay tuned.